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How long does a kitchen renovation take?

There is no exact timeframe for the completion of a kitchen renovation, as several factors play a role in determining how long the project will take. From the moment you decide on materials, you should plan for the completion date to be several weeks in the future. This is especially true if you are installing custom cabinets, as they usually require about eight to ten weeks to build. The extent of the renovation, as well as the availability of the materials you choose and the current workload of your contractor, will all play a role in how long the project will require for completion. Once all the materials are ready, and demolition is done, our kitchen remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA can usually complete the installation process in a few weeks.

What can I do to plan for a kitchen remodel?

The best way to start planning your renovation with our kitchen remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA is to look for design inspiration in magazines or online to help you form a clear picture of the look and style you want. Coming into the process with no ideas will only make the process take longer. Once you have narrowed down your options, you should schedule a consultation where you’ll discuss your ideas with a professional. Before any work can begin, you’ll need to clear out the area and remove any personal belongings, so it’s ready on the day the work crew arrives.

What are the stages of kitchen remodeling?

There are many stages to the remodeling process, each just as important as the last. Our team will be with you through every single step, keeping you in the loop on the progress we make every day. The basic stages of your renovation will look something like this:

  • Demolition: We'll start by getting rid of all the things that won't be in your new space. This includes removing old cabinetry, walls, sinks, and appliances.
  • Plumbing: If we need to, we will replace the old plumbing in your kitchen, ensuring it's ready to handle all the new features.
  • Electrical: We’ll update all electrical components and replace any old lighting fixtures you no longer want.
  • Drywall: Our professional team will install new drywall.
  • Paint: We’ll paint the new drywall and existing walls the exact color of your choice.
  • Flooring: We’ll add all the new flooring and baseboards.
  • Cabinetry: All new cabinetry will be delivered and installed.
  • Countertops: The countertops will be installed on top of the new cabinetry.
  • Backsplash: If you have chosen to add a backsplash, we will install it under the cabinets and around your sink and stove.
  • Appliances: Lastly, all the new appliances will be installed, and any final hardware will be added to cabinetry.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

The cost of a kitchen renovation will vary significantly depending on how extensive the project is and the design materials, appliances, and hardware you choose. Most kitchen remodels average between $12,000 - $25,000 or about $150 per square foot. Be sure to work with a contractor who gives you a detailed estimate, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for your project. Contact our kitchen remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA today for the in-depth estimate you need.

How much value can I add to my home by remodeling my kitchen?

National ROI averages for kitchen remodels vary depending on the scale and cost of the remodels in question. Minor kitchen remodels, defined as those costing around $20,000, have a national average ROI of 81%. Major kitchen remodels featuring heavily upscaled finishes have a national average ROI of around 54%. But in California that number jumps to almost 93% in minor remodels. Call our kitchen remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA today to get started adding value to your home.

Where do I start with my bathroom remodeling project?

To prepare and get started with your bathroom renovation, Cornerstone Floors suggests checking out different bathroom resigns online or visit our showroom for different design ideas. You can also visit Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites like HGTV if you want to know what is trending in bathroom design. While it will be easier to have a style or type of look for a bathroom, there are some homeowners who don’t have a preference or choose to hire a bathroom or interior designer. If you are the same, you can schedule a free consultation from our bathroom remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA to help you figure out your next bathroom’s look.

How long does it take for a bathroom remodel?

The time it takes to complete each project is different. However, we understand that timeliness is a crucial factor when choosing a bathroom remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA and aiming to complete your bathroom remodel as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will be quick without rushing through any step of the process. A simple bathroom makeover can take as little as one week, though most remodeling projects will last from two to three weeks. If a project is overly involved or has materials that are delayed, we will make you aware of an extended timeline before we begin. We know that limited access to your bathroom is a major inconvenience, so we will work fast to keep that period as short as we can.

What features should I plan to invest the most in for a bathroom remodel?

Depending on your style and taste, the floor and wall tiles can be the most expensive. Other possibly considerable expenses are the fixtures and shower system. Contact our bathroom remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA today to start your remodeling project.

What type of return on investment can I expect from remodeling my bathroom?

Bathrooms typically get the best return on investment in a remodeled home. Realtor Magazine reported that for the year 2005, the national average return on investment for bathroom remodeling was between 93.2% and 102.2% depending upon the budget is upscale or moderate. In large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and Orange County, the return ranged from 116% to 135%. So, many people actually make substantial money when investing in a bathroom remodeling project. Get started on your project today by contacting our bathroom remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

A bathroom remodel typically costs between $6,000 - $25,000. Similar to the project duration, it will largely depend on the size, type of remodel, quality of fixtures and hardware, and prep work. But a smaller bathroom or getting minor upgrades will be less expensive, costing around $2,500 to $7,000. For full bathroom remodels, expect to pay around $20,000 or more, especially if you will be renovating a master bathroom. Not surprisingly, choosing high-quality fixtures and hardware can even double or triple the average cost. For more information about the cost of bathroom remodeling, call our bathroom remodeling company in Los Alamitos, CA to schedule a free consultation.