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Floor Stripping


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Understanding the floor stripping process

A floor stripping technician can improve your dull and dirty floors. After the surfaces are stripped and waxed, the floor will have its original shine. This is possible because the machine removes thick layers of dirt and scuff marks

What is floor stripping

If you maintain your floors, they will have a longer shelf life. Grime affects the floor because it attaches to wax coatings. Removing the wax from the floor is the solution to this problem. If the dirt is not removed, the particles will ruin the floor

What is floor stripping - The cleaning process

When linoleum floor ages, it becomes very dull and yellow. In addition, any scrapes on the floor will become visible. A floor stripping machine improves the appearance of your property because it restores the floor’s sparkle

A clean floor is much safer

Over time, injures could occur if your floor becomes brittle and rough. In some cases, the risk of slipping accidents may increase as well if the floor becomes smoother. To prevent injuries and mishaps, you must hire a floor maintenance technician regularly

Health benefits

A dirty floor is a nesting zone for viruses, bacteria, and germs. This is why stripping chemicals should be used; they are designed to wipe bacteria off of floor surfaces.

Why you should hire a professional

Professional technicians never learn on the job. All technicians learn their skills at a distributor work area or at a technical school. Because technicians are educated, they know which chemicals to use on certain floors. Technicians never arrive at a project location without having the proper tools. This is important because forgetting any important tools will delay the floor stripping process. ​

Technicians care about their customers, so they never use soiled buckets and mops during quick cleaning projects. They always arrive with clean tools and equipment.