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Upgrading the flooring in your business?

From offices to restaurants, Cornerstone Floors has the best commercial installation service. Business owners can request for a team of our experts to install new floors in their offices, restaurants, retail stores, and more. All of our installers have worked with a range of flooring products, from hardwood and carpet to vinyl and tile. With licenses and insurance, they are guaranteed to give you the best results on your flooring installation every time.

Commercial installation poses some unique challenges when compared to a residential product. Businesses have unique operating hours, customers, and profits to worry about. You want for your floors to be installed as fast as possible. You also want minimal mess and expedited with understanding there may be additional foot traffic to be mindful of. These things can set back your business, as they can cause you to stay closed longer or shell out more money. Budgeting can be the thing that separates you from success and going out of business.
To help our local business owners, Cornerstone Floors has made a customized service just for commercial installation. When you choose us service over traditional installation providers, you get the following benefits:

Better Results: The most important thing to consider is how long the results of your installation will last. Your floors are guaranteed to look great for years to come after they are installed by our experts. We inspect every bit of the job site before beginning to make sure everything is in good condition. This includes the subfloor, which should be sturdy and not have any damages.

You also get the benefit of having your floors looked at after installation. Our installers will make sure that the installation was done properly and that there are no warped areas or damages. This is the best way to get high-quality results that last as long as possible.

More Affordable Rates: You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for commercial installation just because you are running a successful business. Where some service providers might charge you more simply because they are installing floors for a business, we believe in fair prices. You can always work out a payment plan and get a price that works for you. You will also always know the full price—no hidden fees, crooked price inflation, or overcharging. You can trust that you will get a good rate on your installation and no other hassles.